Bob Schlicht the importance of mentors in life

The importance of Mentors in Life

As a fourth generation Madisonian, Bob Schlicht shares important life-changing experiences and advice he received from family mentors, teachers, coaches, psychologists, bankers, and business leaders in The Importance of Mentors in Life.

Schlicht's autobiography is rich with stories about his father, professional golfer Karl "Kully" Schlicht Sr., his time at UW-Madison as a Wisconsin Badger and student, and his many years as President of Valley Bank of Madison and M&I Bank in Madison.

Filled with anecdotes and photos, Schlicht fondly recalls classmates, teammates, employees and events from his and his family’s years in Madison. He covers the history of banks that merged with the M&I Banks in southern Wisconsin.

Schlicht revisits 1929 and the impact the Great Depression had on America and its banks. Bankers lost their jobs, and often their banks. Readers will be enthralled by vicariously experiencing the 1931 robbery` of the Kraft State Bank in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Many believed that this “crime of the century” could've been the work of the infamous bank robber, John Dillinger and his gang. This robbery was recognized as one of the most horrific bank robberies in the history of Wisconsin.

The author, an experienced banker, also lays out his plan to reduce the United States deficit of nearly $20 trillion of debt. This plan dramatically reduces our country's deficit issues. The author contends that we need to solve our country’s debt issues to ensure the safety and soundness of our country and its citizens.